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Living Word Reformed Church is over 150 years old and we remain excited about what the Lord will do in our midst!


The congregation of Living Word began as plans were made for the Sixth Holland Reformed Church of Paterson in 1867. At its one hundredth anniversary, the church was located on Hopper Street and Inglis Place in Paterson, New Jersey. In his message marking the occasion, Pastor Gary De Witte wrote:

[T]hrough the years there is one factor in our history which has not changed—the Word of God. Peter…adds, “And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you” (1 Peter 1:25)…It was to hear this Word that [our] forefathers organized this church. It was in this Word that they laid their anchors. It was through this Word that they were saved. This is still true with us. In the midst of change and decay, we seek the same Word and it gives us the same assurance. The Gospel does not change and we have as much need of it as the founding fathers…Whatever lies ahead, we will need the Word that abideth forever.

In 1975, Living Word Reformed Church moved to 21 Pleasant View Drive in North Haledon. Some ten years before the move to North Haledon, a Sunday School for children was started in a park in the city of Paterson. Much work and support were provided, and it grew rapidly in attendance and led to the start of a new church. That church was called “Faith Chapel,” and it became a self-sustaining independent church in 1990 and is still thriving today. This is one indication of our desire to pass on the Word and works of God from one generation to the next. 


Living Word is characterized by the love we have for each other and those in our community. And now, after 150 plus years, we maintain the same commitment to the Word of God that we had at our beginning in 1867. By the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, we believe we have a role to play in God’s mission to rescue, restore, and refashion all people into the image of Christ, to renew all things, and to bring reconciliation to the world, for his glory. We would invite you to experience the love that God is pouring out among as a family of faith, so that together with us, God’s love may extend to our neighbors as we serve and build relationships within our community and throughout the world. Please join us as we participate in God’s mission!  

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